Power Works (LV, MV and HV up to 132 KV)

Projects and Services

KEIR International has become a major and preferred contractor for civil works for electricity projects after having signed contracts with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) for a distribution network project to install, remove, replace, modify and maintain high-voltage (HV) and low-voltage (LV) overhead and underground distribution networks of up to 36 kV and 132 kV.

Our pioneering projects in this field included work on new 33KV U/G cable circuits for feeding power to a Riyadh Metro station involving 67 kilometers of 33kV power circuits, fiber optic circuits and fiber optic cables and 150 kilometers of 33kV power cables.

  • Overhead and underground distribution systems up to 36 kV, including laying, terminating and connecting of cables.
  • Installation of poles, transformers, distribution cabinets, meters and substations.
  • Installation of transmission tower lines & commissioning maintenance of substations, transformer testing, reset relays, etc.
  • Testing and commissioning of all of the above systems.
  • Project management, design, supply and construction to EHV electrical substations.
  • Testing and commissioning of high voltage 230/132kV substations.
  • Refurbishment/rehabilitation/reinforcement of existing 230kV substations protection system upgrades/modifications.
  • Construction/modification of Distribution Control System (DCS).
  • Design/construction/modification/expansion of medium voltage substations/distribution systems.
  • Construction of SCADA /tele-protection/ communications (power line carriers, fiber optic, data tier bridging systems, etc.).
  • Installation and commissioning of electrical extra high voltage/ high voltage/medium voltage loose equipment (switchgears, transformers, UPS, etc.).
  • Carry out all electrical system studies/calculation (stability, short circuit, grounding, relay setting/ coordination, equipment adequacy/sizing, etc.)