Behind Our Name

The name KEIR is inspired by the mountains in the Al Qassim region of Saudi Arabia that are depicted in our logo as two mountain peaks; they mirror the origins of the company – local, robust and imposing. They also represent KEIR’s efforts to reach the highest levels of quality. Our identity shows our pride in who we are while our logo is an embodiment of the dynamism and solidity of the people who make up the company and a representation of our vitality and modernity, and of our strengths and values.

Our History

How we started and where we are now...



began operations as a limited liability company as Ceir for Telecom and IT Co., Ltd.


Keir International Company Ltd

changed name to Keir International Company Limited to address changing business requirements, demands and growing customer base.


Keir International

transitioned to KEIR International as a closed stock joint company with the goal of opening / welcoming new investors.


New Brand Identity

changed our brand identity to be consistent with our evolved nature as a modern company ready to take on the challenges of providing even more specialized turn-key solutions for our increasingly demanding and technologically-sophisticated customers.