Message from the Founder and Chairman

Keir International

As Founder and Chairman of KEIR International, I would like to thank you for coming by to visit our website.

KEIR International started with a vision to be an all-encompassing supplier of utility services and high-tech products. It began by focusing on the solutions and business activities of the telecommunications industry. Our main work focused on wired and wireless communications; we then grew to become a major player in outside plant (OSP), GSM infrastructure and tower building, as well as in In-Building Solutions (ISP).

In addition, with the growth and capabilities we built through the years, along with market demands to provide more services, we added more specialties and expertise to our supply of solutions and technologies.

Now, KEIR International is:
- one of the leading companies in telecoms along with its products and services.
- one of the leading companies in power and electricity works.
- one of the leading companies in IT solutions and services.
- one of the leading companies in building and construction.

We are greatly excited about adding new leaders to our organization. We have new consultants who have a vision and strategy for market growth and development. We have a new CEO who is leading the company to a new direction with the goal of going public and to make sure that the company becomes one of the preferred companies by industry players.

I am proud of our board members; they add real value to the company and ensure the right balance to present the company at its best. I believe we will continue to provide our shareholders with growth, revenues and profits with ethics and compliance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.